Vice-Chancellor's Message
Vice-Chancellor's Message

The Next 100 Years
December 2010

The Next 100 Years

One hundred years ago, this University was born.

In 1911, The University of Hong Kong was incorporated by Ordinance. A group of visionaries founded the first university in Hong Kong from which generations of leaders across the region could come forth. For the past century, The University has lived up to its promise, growing with Hong Kong and intertwined with its destiny as it re-defines its position on the global landscape of education.

The University of Hong Kong was to be for China and the World.

We are indebted to the community - to our predecessors who had the foresight, who were determined to make this University a reality, and who believed in education and the values of university. We are indebted to our friends and partners who, generation after generation, have lent The University their unrelenting support.

We have upheld The University's motto Sapientia et Virtus, Wisdom and Virtue, and in Chinese, 明德格物. HKU is defined by freedom, liberty and diversity. Students and academics of more than seventy nationalities have come together in this great citadel of knowledge. Our graduates help define the community they live in. We lead with groundbreaking discoveries in medicine, science, culture and humanities. We create and construct new knowledge. And this is how we contribute, and lead.

With the community at large we humbly share our achievements. Taking stock of our rich heritage, now is the time to reflect and articulate boldly the values we so cherish.

With excellence, we serve. We are determined to build a better world of compassion, justice and dignity.

The Celebrations will span two years, commencing January 2011 and concluding in the autumn of 2012 with the introduction of the new four-year curriculum and the opening of the Centennial Campus. Indeed it was in 1912, one hundred years ago, that this University admitted its first cohort of students.

The next hundred years for the University is a journey not to be missed.

History is but made by people. As we celebrate our past, we shall join hands to transform the future. The myriad of Celebration activities in the ensuing two years will present great opportunities to share our mission with the community worldwide.

We are one hundred years young and the torch of excellence, which lights our journey, burns brighter and stronger today than it has ever before.

Lap-Chee Tsui
Vice-Chancellor and President

December, 2010

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