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The University of Hong Kong: An Informal History (2 vols)

Bernard Mellor

This book charts the rich history of the University, its important impact within the region and the founders’ early vision of establishing academic interchange between Hong Kong and China, which has re-emerged in modern times.

The Council of the University commissioned the writing and publication of this informal account for the first seventy years of its existence.

The first volume traces the eventful history of HKU from around 1910s to 1970s, from its inception as a community enterprise, the revolution in China, its post-war rebuilding through to its Golden Jubilee and its modernisation in the 1960s and 70s.

The accompanying volume is a pictorial record of the memories of graduates and teachers told through surviving early photographs, including those taking during the War, the Queen’s visit, and of the nine Vice-Chancellors.

The author of this fascinating portrait of HKU’s early years is Dr Bernard Mellor. As Registrar of HKU from 1948 to 1974, Dr Mellor was ideally placed to write this informal, intimate chronicle of the University’s triumphs and tragedies, and of the generations of students, staff, alumni against a backdrop of a changing world, and a university evolving in size and nature.

Set of 2 vols. Vol I, 208 pp. Vol II, 220 pp. with colour & b/w illustrations.

Hardback   208 Pages
Publication Date 1981/03
ISBN 9789622090231
297x221 mm   2.400 kg

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